Welcome to my site. I started this site as an online archive for me and all things virtual. I kept getting requests for help around some of the more standard issues we all hit in dealing with Cloud automation, particularly around the VMware vCloud Stack so I decided to make my forum public...and here we are.

My name is Lee Friend and I'm based in London, UK. I am a Cloud orchestration specialist in the end to end management, automation and integration of virtualisation stacks covering all pieces of the puzzle from IPAM (InfoBlox / QIP / IP Control), DNS, AD, resiliency & DR (SRM automation), management system integration (including ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, ticketing systems) and on and on.

Having worked since the very early days of virtualisation, I specialise in the vRealize suite (vRO,vRA,vCD,vR OPs,vCloudClient,SRM,and on) with the aim of orchestrating wherever it's needed. I have helped out large financials, global exchanges and cloud service providers at an architecture level all the way through to workflow engineering.

Integrating BMC BSA, vRO and PowerShell (for Windows VMs)

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Integrating BMC BSA, vRO and PowerShell (for Windows VMs)

Postby leefriend » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:41 pm

If you're using BSA for in guest Windows operations then integration with vRO gives great flexibility to complete post provisioning tasks including updating NICs, disk actions and configuration of the OS.

BSA job using PowerShell (this is a simple update to IPaddress of a known NIC):
Create the job as normal. To call PowerShell commands the following format works. I haven't found a useful way to line-wrap the commands yet.

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nexec -e cmd /c `echo . | PowerShell.exe -InputFormat none -ExecutionPolicy bypass \" netsh interface ip set address name= $name source=static addr= $ip_addr mask= $mask \" `

Things to consider - escape special characters; ensure that the command is wrapped in the ` character; give a space before using variables else they do not get interpreted.

Hope this helps

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